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menopause symptom relief

Menopause symptoms

Are you suffering from hot flushes and night sweats. If your doctor tells you that this is normal for menopause. Acupuncture and chinese medicine can help. Life can be enjoyable again. Specially living in our warm climate in Adelaide we can help you relief these symptoms. Ring us on 08 83766783

Back Pain Relief

Pain can be debilitating to your life or work, it may make the easiest things in life some of the most difficult. Scientific studies have shown that acupuncture may be effective in the relief of many types of musculoskeletal pain. Acupuncture helps musculoskeletal pain and is thought to work by:

  • Clearing and reducing inflammation.
  • Strongly relaxing muscles by resetting ion potentials across the muscle membranes.
  • Releasing endorphins to brain centers related to pain, both of which reduce the perception and experience of pain.Promoting blood circulation, this stimulates tissue regeneration and aids in a quick recovery
Back pain relief acupuncture

Stress and Anxiety

More and more people come into my clinic with high levels of stress, unfortunately a sign of the times! This has a disruptive effect on the body and can lead to many illnesses.

Symptoms may include:

Loss of mental clarity ,Irritability,Anger,Insomnia,Jaw clenching,Digestive upsets,Headaches,Tightness around your neck and shoulders, Frequent colds and flu

If you suffer from any of the above symptoms, acupuncture is a safe and effective form of treatment and will help you to cope better with stressful situations. Ring us on 08 83766783

Hay Fever

Do you suffer from hay fever and are sick of taking Anti histamines. Then Accupuncture is the answer for drug free relief from hay fever

Fungal Toe Nail Infection

Fungal Nail Infections (onychomycosis)

Fungal toe nail infections are extremely common and can be difficult to clear up. Most treatments involve the application of anti fungal paints which need to be used for up to 12 months and unfortunately results can be disappointing. The inconvenience of this type of treatment applying paint on a weekly or daily basis, for many months, and then not getting a cure is frustrating for a lot of patients. There is a better way!

I use a natural treatment for onychomycosis using my knowledge of Chinese Medicine. The treatment involves using a technique called moxibustion. With this method a herb called mugwort is applied to the infected nail, the herb is ignited and burns slowly.

This then heats the nail plate and has a similar effect to laser nail treatment, at a fraction of the cost. (laser can cost from $200 to $300 a visit) At my clinic a normal consultation fee covers the cost of treatment. As a general rule two to three treatments at 3 week intervals, are all that is required to clear the nail infection.

If you have tried paints and other forms of treatment, even laser, and still have an active mycotic nail infection then this method is certainly worth a try.